Women around the globe are being divinely called to change the world of business with a new kind of leadership - it's time for us to wake up and prepare for the challenge.

Why are we still seeing gender pay gaps and a lack of diversity in our workforces? We all know these systemic inequalities persist, so why haven't we fixed them yet? Dion Johnson has excelled in her field as a black woman in a white man's world; facially disfigured in a beauty-obsessed world; a devoted Christian in a secular world. She knows first-hand how unequal the system can be.

In 2013, Dion, led by God, began challenging women leaders to respond to the call to show up, speak up and shake things the hell up in their industry. Since then, Dion has served passionately as a strategic ally supporting women to evolve, rise above leadership challenges, and be more influential in their role. In this book she offers a development framework for senior leaders who want to initiate hard change without sabotaging their health or self-esteem.

Influential Woman has the power to spark a revolution in the way we lead and do business - to make the marketplace a force for love, justice and equality. We are influential women and now is our time to rise up and take action!


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Dion Johnson, also known as the Womanologist, is a multi-award-winning Women's champion with the re-powerment of women at the heart of her work. She was previously a midwife and then a Director in public services, where she pioneered, co-ordinated and led special services serving highly vulnerable and marginalised client groups.

Today, Dion works behind the global leadership scenes as Master Coach, Strategic Ally and trusted advisor to some of the most influential women across sectors and industries. She is challenging and changing the inner narrative about what it means to be a credible influencer in today’s fast changing work space. Her clients are Chief executives, Directors and Heads across sectors because when these women truly thrive (not just act like they are thriving) so do boards, organisations, industries and ultimately our world.

Dion was born with a pronounced facial disfigurement Her story of ‘unmasking’ is a powerful metaphor that is now captivating and inspiring leaders across the globe to “Show Up, Speak Up and Shake Things the hell Up”, authentically, within their sphere of influence too. She’s passionate about and uniquely skilled to help women rise above professional challenges and #BeMoreInfluential in their roles.