Private Premium VIP Intensive

Working with me one-on-one is NOT for everyone! Some have called it intense, hard, deep, and disruptive to the comfort zone unorthodox, unusual and uncommon- it’s all true!

The women who says “yes” to working with me at this level means business; for her, change, transition and transformations are non-negotiable, she is ALL IN to the process of being and becoming the kind of woman that influences the kind of change she knows she is here to make happen, whether that change in her own personal life, or in her world, through her leadership.

This is for you if you are the CEO, Director or Head of an organisation and you are facing mammoth challenges, opposition, conflict, pain, pressure, or adversity and yet, quitting, running away, playing small, burning out, and breaking down are simply NOT options for you. You’ve got work to do and you have made up in your mind that you’ll do it!

You and I partner to ensure you grow through what you are going through and turn the pressure into fuel for your own personal and professional evolution and transformation. Our work together is about your personal and professional “Becoming” as the Woman, Leader and Change-Maker you are here to be.

Consider partnering with me as your ally and coach when you’re ready to do the work of inner change; when you’re up to challenging your old ways, beliefs, rules, habits and mindsets

If you are ready to go beyond wanting to be inspired to the zone where true personal transformation and professional evolution happens;

If you know there is more for you to be, become, say, do, create and experience professionally;

If you are ready to be the woman of Influence you are yet to become;

If this resonates ... This is for you.

Working with me at this level is bespoke, highly personalised, confidential, opulent and leadership-transforming.

Use this link to talk directly with me to explore whether this is right for you, right now. Investment starts at £5K