As a women in senior leadership, I'm your strategic ally & master coach.

Here's how we can work together ...

Here's how we can work together ...

The Influence Academy

A two-day global symposium for women in senior leadership who are interested in their development as women influencers and change makers.

A gathering of like-minded women who want to change the world from their position as senior leaders.

Leaders Lounge

A 24 hour mini-retreat and mastermind for CEOs and Directors.

Come with one problem and with the support of me and five other women, you're supported as you think, plan, review, redefine and refresh.

Private Premium VIP Intensive

Working with me one on one as your master coach and ally is for women who have come to an important juncture in their evolution.

A bespoke, highly personalised, confidential, opulent and leadership-transforming offering for those times when you need to go deeper, to unpack, to find the things you don't know yet.

Full testimonials available upon request.